TRS Lines Company Profile

TRS Lines Company Profile

TRS Lines have an extensive experience with hospitality services in Prague & whole Czech Republic, as well as other Central European countries, such as Slovakia, Austria, Hungary and Germany. We have an expertise of providing on-demand, highly personalized services for individual customers, leisure groups and corporate staff.

TRS Lines, founded in 2007, has A type travel agent license and attached to the group of companies which have the travel guaranties from licensed special assurances enterprises.

As an innovative incoming brand, TRS Lines has the purpose of being in a partnership with tourism professionals. With its’ experienced crew, TRS Lines succeed to be the main partner in Europe, and especially at France, for the tour operators from Japan, Greece, Russia, Turkey…etc.

TRS Lines gives services in leisure tourism, fairs, congresses and other organized events with its’ more than 35 years of experienced dynamic and good-humored team.

Thanks to our newcomer "TRS TRANSPORT", which recently joined TRS Group, our transport unit became even more specialized, in terms of responding and executing the demands of our guests (FIT or groups) in a most professional way.


  • We have road haulage licenses and give our guaranty for a safe and insured voyage to our passengers. We succeed to being among one of the rare tourism agent by our latter investment on transportations by which our vehicle fleet let our guests to have the comfort that they deserve.
  • We provide incoming services, related to our offices at Paris and Morocco and with our partner agencies in Tunis and in Egypt, within our own company.
  • We provide Paris based incoming services between Benelux countries.
  • Our agreement with more than 750 restaurants offers our quests the opportunity to profit the selected meals suitable for Turkish tastes of cuisine.
  • We create flight included (or not) touristic packages  and we offer our product with the guaranteed fix price.
  • Our contract with local hotels and, also, with the largest hotel groups in the world, able to propose the fairest prices for your congress, fair, honeymoon, incentive other thematic organizations.
  • Our skilled, dynamic, smiling guides speak the mother language of our guests and give professional service with high level of sensitivity.
  • Our IATA membership and our partnership with low cost companies lets us to provide advantageous fly ticket prices on scheduled fly tickets and on charters.
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